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Where Should You Start First When Renovating a House

You know you're unhappy with your current interiors, but you're also aware that a full renovation is a major project that will disrupt your life for a minimum of a few months. Planning your renovation from the beginning and focusing on priorities in the right order allow you to get through the challenge with as little disorder as possible.

Assess and Set a Budget

Even if you're assuming that you only need a style update and not any major improvements, hire a professional home inspector to assess the structure. You'd be surprised at what kind of serious damage can hide under the surface for years or even decades. Spending thousands on new paint and flooring is just a waste if only a few years later the floor or wall collapses due to a rotten structure.

Once you're sure of what you really need to do in each area, set a budget. The total costs will depend on the materials you choose, the changes you want to make, and how much you're willing to DIY. Talk with contractors and hardware supply stores to get accurate quotes before going off online information alone and underestimating your expenses.

Section the Home by Use

In order to tackle the renovation as effectively as possible, section off your home by the amount of use and traffic it receives. Try to start in areas that are rarely or only occasionally used. For example, guest rooms, attic conversions, and second bathrooms are easier to work on while the home is being occupied than kitchens, primary bedrooms, and other family areas.

Work from Small to Big

Aside from starting in lesser used areas, focus on the smallest projects first. These will make the least disruption while still helping you achieve your renovation goals. This is especially important for homeowners that want to do a lot of DIY work because polishing your skills on an afternoon of painting will prepare you for the bigger challenges like tile installation and grouting.

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