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If you like your neighborhood then reinvest in your home

Stay in Your Neighborhood with a Whole Home Remodel in West Bloomfield, MI

Moving can be overwhelming, from the time it takes to find your next home to the financing needed to acquire it. You don’t need to move to live in your dream home, though. If you like your current neighborhood but feel that your house isn’t right for you, then Balbes Custom Building can provide you with the ideal solution. After working with us, you’ll have both your dream home and a friendly neighborhood. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Our entire team, including upper management, will work on-site to provide you with the extra attention you deserve for your dream home. You’ll have 24/7 access to us to make sure your upgraded home in your comfortable neighborhood is exactly how you envisioned it.

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Live in Your Dream Home with Full Home Remodeling

It’s never too early to start designing your dream home. Balbes Custom Building can help renovate your home instead of building an entirely new home—although we offer that too! We want your dream to become a reality, and we know we can give it to you. Home remodeling can be a scary process, but it is also an exciting one. Our experts will make it easy for you to live in the house you desire. Call us today to discuss your project. From big to small, Balbes handles it all!

Popular Rooms to Add During Custom Home Remodeling

As trends change, so does what is asked of a whole home remodeling company. As a home renovation contractor who specializes in these expansive changes to your property, we've been able to adjust the types of rooms that we can add along with the changing times. Some of the most popular rooms we add to homes now include:

  • Home Offices: With remote work becoming more common, many homeowners are adding dedicated spaces for work, study, or creative endeavors. These spaces often feature ample natural light, ergonomic furniture, and technology integration.
  • Home Gyms: Fitness enthusiasts increasingly opt to include dedicated workout spaces within their homes. These rooms can range from small, minimalist setups to fully equipped gyms with cardio machines, weights, and yoga areas.
  • Home Theaters: With the rise of streaming services and high-quality audiovisual equipment, home theaters have become sought-after additions. These rooms are designed for immersive movie-watching experiences, often featuring large screens, comfortable seating, and surround sound systems.
  • Wine Cellars: Wine enthusiasts create dedicated spaces to store and showcase their wine collections. Wine cellars can range from small, temperature-controlled closets to elaborate, climate-controlled rooms with tasting areas and storage for wine accessories.
  • Sunrooms: Sunrooms, also known as four-season rooms or solariums, are enclosed spaces with large windows or glass walls that allow ample natural light to enter. These rooms provide a bright and airy retreat for relaxation, indoor gardening, or enjoying views of the outdoors.
  • Libraries: Book lovers create cozy retreats for reading, studying, and quiet contemplation. These rooms often feature built-in bookshelves, comfortable seating, and soft lighting to create a serene atmosphere conducive to reading.

Of course, these are just a few of the many rooms that we're able to add to your home during a whole-home remodel. If you have a unique idea for your dream home, contact our team today to get started.

Personalized Home Renovations

Balbes Custom Building will work with you to give you an accurate price before the work is started and without a pesky fee for the estimate.
Financing Plans
We’re happy to offer financing plans for our remodeling services to make your dream home or business more affordable.
Personal Touch
You’ll speak with our president to ensure your home is remodeled to your exact specifications.
Innovative & Experienced
We’ve spent over 20 years working with individuals to provide remodels with either unique, modern, or top-notch classic designs, whatever you prefer.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Regardless of the project size, we’re working with you every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with your remodeling experience.
World-Class Customer Service
From the financial savings we offer to the care our staff puts in, we provide you with unbeatable customer service.
What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say
Kelly Bender's Rating
We have had the pleasure of working with Jon on several large home projects. We added three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage and a Rec room with one job and a new kitchen with a huge basement under our home with another job. Jon is responsive to customer concerns and manages his staff and trades excellently. We have appreciated the tremendous personal attention Jon has provided for our jobs. Kelly Bender
Kelly Majauskas's Rating
We’re so glad we chose Balbes Custom Building for our home addition and remodel! Big construction projects can be stressful, but the Balbes team went above and beyond every step of the way to make sure everything was done as efficiently as possible. Everyone was so friendly, easy to work with, and skilled in their area of expertise. Highly recommend Jon and his team for your construction needs! Kelly Majauskas
Christopher Slon's Rating
We used Balbes Custom Building to update our master bedroom and bath. The workmanship and professionalism of Jon’s subcontractors were exemplary. Jon was very responsive to any concerns that came up and communicated the status of every step along the way to completion. We love our new master bedroom and bath! We will definitely use BCB again in our next project. Christopher Slon
Glenn Hummel's Rating
They live up to the "custom" in their name. On our project, we started with a well thought out renovation design. But as demolition completed and construction progressed we found certain areas and details where we wanted to revise or customize the plan. BCB was amenable to, and proved they were adept at handling, these custom changes that came up as the construction project progressed through various phases. They handled them fairly and executed them well. As a result our end product exceeded our expectations. They have a large stable of good teams in the various trades. The inevitable unforeseen problems were handled professionally. There have been a few minor warranty items that their team responded to and resolved quickly. We will continue to use them on future planned phases of this renovation. Glenn Hummel
Brandon Rudzewicz's Rating
I highly recommend working with Balbes Custom Builders. Jon was a top-notch communicator throughout the entire process. He was always available and returned calls promptly. We had a large renovation project which included demolishing the entire second story to optimize space, a full kitchen remodel and every part of the home was touched. He accommodated our desire to be hands-on making decisions while still keeping the project moving forward. He has a great staff and good relationships with trades which enabled us to stay on the timeline. He made our dream home a reality. Brandon Rudzewicz

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Balbes Custom Building offers an estimate for your remodeling project. Reach out and we’ll give you an accurate cost of making your home your dream! Give us a call for your estimation today!

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