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What Should You Consider Before Building an Addition on Your Home?

Home Addition Contractor

Originally posted on 07/26/2015

It’s no secret that building an addition to your home is a huge undertaking.

In addition to planning for the expense of the addition, you also have the responsibility of ensuring that the space you create will be designed in a way that meets your spacial and functional needs. So, before you decide to start making phone calls to contractors for estimates, consider the following so you can have a firm idea of what you need, what you want, and what you can afford. 

Consider the Function of the Added Space

Why do you want to build a home addition? Do you need more bedrooms for your expanding family? Are you finally ready to build the man cave you’ve always dreamed of having? Are you trying to build an area for you to conduct business from home? By having a clear idea of why you need more space in your home, you can begin to think about dimension and design.

What can You Afford?

This is incredibly important, and it’s something you should have a firm understanding of before you make a single decision about adding on to your home. Having a strong sense of what you can and cannot afford will prevent you from running out of money once you’re already deep into an addition project. A good rule of thumb is to determine your absolute max budget and then set a few thousand dollars aside to account for any unexpected costs.

What are Your Must-Haves?

Once you understand your budget and the functionality of your addition, you should think about what you want the space to feature. This is usually the most fun for people. Remember, a home addition is a blank slate, so you can turn it into anything you want. For this reason, many homeowners set money aside for premium features they’ve always wanted to enjoy, but could never justify purchasing.

Work with the Home Addition Experts on Your Project

Home additions have the potential to bring out more options to improve your comfort now and the marketability of your home when you are ready to sell. After you’ve considered these three important points, the next step is finding a contractor who can realize your vision and perfectly bring it to life. If you’re considering adding on to your home, contact Balbes Custom Building today for a consultation!