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What Do I Need to do to Prepare for My Kitchen Renovation?

Remodeling a kitchen improves the appearance and function of the space. The challenge is preparing for the project and planning for the time required to complete the project. Taking a few key steps to prepare for the remodeling project reduces the number of complications and allows the project to move forward at an efficient pace.


Before starting a kitchen remodel project, contact appropriate authorities for the paperwork. Depending on the local laws, a remodeling project may require a permit, building inspection or other paperwork. Complete the appropriate paperwork and obtain any permits required by the local authorities before making any changes to the space.

Protect Items

Whether the remodeling project focuses on one area of the kitchen or the entire space, you must protect any items you plan to keep. Remove any dishes, silverware or other utensils. Cover items you plan to keep. For example, if you want to keep your cabinets and change the floors, then cover the cabinets to protect against dust or particles from the floor.

Check for Complications

In older houses, the paint on the walls may contain lead and certain areas of the kitchen may contain asbestos. If the house is older than a few years, then have the kitchen tested for asbestos in the floors and lead paint on the walls. Contact appropriate removal specialists if a test shows positive for lead or asbestos.

Order Items

Always order the replacement items in advance when remodeling. Early orders allow you to check on the material and obtain an alternative if you notice a problem. It also allows you to stay on track with your remodeling schedule.

Plan a Temporary Kitchen

Make arrangements for a temporary kitchen before starting the project. You will not be able to cook in the kitchen until completing the project, so set up an electric stove or a similar cooking solution in a different location of your home.

Remodeling your kitchen is a large project and you must take appropriate steps to prepare for the changes. Plan your remodeling project in advance by obtaining appropriate permits, ordering your materials and checking for complications.

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