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Top Reasons to Renovate Your Shared Commercial Bathroom

Having a modern building for your business is vital for your employees and your clients. If your building is decades old, there are options available to update your space.

The commercial bathroom is an often overlooked room to renovate. Renovating the bathroom can bring efficiency and savings immediately and draw a return of over 75%.

Keep reading to learn about the reasons a commercial bathroom renovation may help your business.

Good for the Environment, Good for Your Wallet

Saving energy and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand. Many new material updates allow you to save energy and water.

  • Low-flow Toilets
  • Waterless Urinals
  • Energy-Efficient Lights
  • Motion-Sensor Lights
  • Automatic Soap and Water Dispensers

Installing these energy and water-saving fixtures will be an investment. Yet the long-term savings of the updates will outweigh the costs. With dynamic elements, you will also be able to reduce maintenance expenses as well.

Improved Morale and Appearance

The workforce expects more from their employers than in years past. Employees opt for greater comfort at work which ends up increasing their productivity. Renovating the shared bathroom serves as a strong example that management cares for their staff’s wellbeing.

Clients notice the little things. A modern bathroom will reflect the standard of your business. Making environmentally conscious choices with the fixtures will display your priorities to clients, vendors, employees, and potential future staff members.

Stay in Code

There are fun reasons, and then there are the necessary reasons. Building codes and ADA compliance evolves as time passes. Technology and materials continue to improve and provide more safeguards for business and homeowners. While updating your bathroom, your contractor will ensure the new room takes all necessary steps to ensure compliance with new codes.

Investment in the Future

Investing in a renovated shared bathroom will immediately improve conditions for current tenants, but will also provide profits in the future. Commercial renovations offer returns of over 70%. Whether you would like to attract new tenants or a new buyer, invest in an updated bathroom will draw more interest.

Want more information on how your commercial building can benefit from a bathroom renovation? Give Balbes Construction a call today at (248) 884-0590 to get started.