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Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2017

Home design is much like fashion, in that trends come and go. Find out more about the major trends happening in 2017 with these home design tips.

Less Pinterest, More Artisan

Pinterest crafts are fun, but the switch is clear that homes are incorporating more specialty items rather than the mass-produced or at home crafts. Look for unique pieces that support local artists to incorporate into your home. It'll add a nice touch flair and character. 

Fewer Neutrals

White and gray are still going to be important neutral colors, but if one room has too much of them, you may want to switch it up. Rooms that are the same color might have been in at one point, but 2017 will see bolder choices, whether it's on the walls, floors or furniture. You may only need to add one accent wall to take your home into 2017.

No More Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture may fit in certain rooms, but most homeowners won't be able to pull it off. Instead, you may want to use a more traditional piece of furniture or embrace the minimalist look instead. The fewer pieces in the room, the more likely you are to feel calmer and happier.

Natural Material is En Vogue

Instead of buying man-made material, choose natural options like bamboo or abaca. Not only are these materials safer for the environment (because they don't have to go through a manufacturing process), but they also look nicer too.

Banish Indigo and Brass

Brass furniture was definitely in for a while, but it's beginning to be seen as trashy rather than trendy. Gold or bronze will likely be in this year rather than brushed metal or brass. Also, indigo was a popular color that was seen everywhere for a while, but it looks as though this may also be on the decline. Use it when you need a pop, but don't infuse it onto every surface.


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