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Tips to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Job Affordable

Imagine taking your current home and redesigning rooms like your bathroom to give you the functionality, efficiency, and comfort you have always wanted. Now, what holds you back from making the vision a reality?

Many people’s biggest hesitation for beginning a bathroom renovation project is the associated price. At Balbes Custom Building, we believe everyone should live comfortably in their home. Even if you didn’t win the lottery and won’t be redoing your house in pure gold, there are some options to make changes in your budget. Read on to learn our tips to make your bathroom remodel job work.

Focus on Attainable Improvements

You don’t have to renovate every aspect of your bathroom to make improvements on specific sections. Creating your dream home is a long term goal - think of your next project as taking a step closer to your home that is a work in progress. Try starting with aspects of your bathroom that are broken, frustrating you, or are not efficient. You’ll get to the others soon enough.

Install a New Sink Faucet

Going with that idea about sections, consider having a new sink faucet installed. Having a sparkling, new fixture pouring into the sink gives a fresh dash when replacing the vanity or whole top section will be too much.

Don’t Change the Layout

Keep the layout of your bathroom to save big time. If you don't have to change your plumbing to accommodate changes in your plan, you could avoid having to redo the flooring, paneling, and other parts of a complete redesign.

Go Green to Save the Environment and Your Budget

When making your choices about your bathroom redesign, consider the many green options - select these offerings to save you money and help out the world. Opt for low-flow toilets, sinks, and showerheads to save on your water bill and often pay less for the fixture. Energy-efficient light bulbs or smart lights can also save on your utility bill.

Planning a bathroom renovation? The design and construction experts at Balbes Custom Building have options available for all budgets. Contact us today to explore how we can help give you the bathroom you’ve always wanted.