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Fall Home Remodeling Trends

Fall brings weather changes, and can also bring some changes to your home. Fall is also the perfect time to get some remodeling done before your family starts visiting for the holidays.

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are become a big remodeling trend because people don’t want to be trapped in a kitchen. Instead, they want the kitchen to be the perfect place for entertaining and open up the flow and energy in the home.

White on White

If you are going to be remodeling your kitchen, you want to consider different colors. Many are choosing the white on white home trend, whether it's with white cabinets and white countertops or by using it in the bathroom for white tile and a white porcelain tub. This trend makes your home look polished. Some people think the look is too sterile, but you can add plenty of neutral colors, or mix white with golds and blush pinks to give it a homey feel.

Bold Tile

For those who don’t like the white on white look, you may just love this next trend of having a bold backsplash or choosing more daring tile in the bathroom. Here it’s fine to mix and match colors, and many think having a more eclectic look is better. The rest of the design should be kept simple, in order for the tile to be the focal point of the room. Use light wood tones or other natural colors to tie everything together.


A rustic setting is perfect for fall, but luckily it looks great year around. The new trend of bringing the outside in works perfectly for the rustic trend that designers are loving. For a rustic look, use unfinished wood in your flooring, cabinets, or even as a wall feature. If you want a bolder look, pair a rustic design with dark iron fixtures.