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Current Trends in Bathroom Remodels

For most people, bathrooms are a place to relax and enjoy some peace. From beginning your day to unwinding at night, bathroom play an important role in your home. It only makes sense that you should remodel your bathroom with luxury so you can enjoy the small space. Below, we have listed just a few of the latest trends in bathroom remodeling.


Having a Mediterranean inspired bathroom is really on trend right now. Try to include tiles that are metallic or terra cotta colored to really bring the feel of old world Morocco, Spain, or Portugal to the room. Uses white marble-like tiles to bring in the Mediterranean countries like Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. Mosaic tiles can bring in a refresh looking every time you turn on the light.  A simple small mosaic in the shower can go a long way and really act as a focal piece in the room. With modern metallic accents and painted terra cotta will take you back to the old world as you sink into the bath for a nice long soak.

White on White

Old-school is in right now and people are more than happy to embrace and there is something elegant about a white on white bathroom. The clean, crisp color is very on trend now from white counters to backsplash, to the flooring and tub. You could even mix it up with different shapes and sizes of white tile. Using large white floor tiles can give the impression that the bathroom is larger than it actually is. With white subway as the base against a casual industrial or a traditional look, your bathroom can look like it was taken out of a magazine.


Reclaimed wood products that give that rustic feel are all the rage right now. Adding in some reclaimed pieces in your bathroom can give it that cozy feel. You can make a bathroom vanity out of just about anything, like an old dresser or bureau. A sink bowl doesn't need to be a traditional sink but can be any type of modified vessel that can hold water. Adding reclaimed wood elements to your bathroom is all about getting creative. 

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