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5 Tips to Keeping Your New Kitchen Functional and Organized

There’s nothing like the feeling of purchasing a new home. The best part? Your brand new kitchen! 

Keeping your new kitchen organized will help you focus and enjoy your time cooking. Here are some tips that will help keep your kitchen in order from the start.

1. Location, Location, Location

Location is everything; place specific items close to where they will be needed. Pots and pans should be kept by the stove, keep your coffee machine near your water source, and have your cups and mugs closest to the refrigerator. Store your fancy china at the top of your cabinets, and place the dishware you use the most at reach.

2. Keep Like Items Together

Place similar items together to help find what you need quickly. Put bakeware in one cabinet, and your cookware in another. Place dinner plates and bowls together. File your Tupperware in one cabinet, and be sure to match containers with their lids.

3. Keep Essential Tools at Reach

Put your most used spatulas, whisks, and wooden spoons at reach by the stove. Try using a tall mug or a marble canister.

4. Drawer Dividers

Invest in dividers for your silverware and kitchen tool drawers. Keeping your different types of silverware and other small kitchen tools organized will prevent headaches when it comes to finding that small potato peeler that you need for your recipe.

5. Organize your Pantry

Try organizing your pantry by placing food groups together. Keep your flour, sugar, and other baking essentials close. In one section, group all of your canned foods. Snacks and chips will have their own space where they are easy to grab.

We hope that you will find these tips helpful when it comes to keeping your brand new kitchen functional! We are experts when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, and at Balbes Custom Building, we are the leading remodeling construction company in the area. If you're looking for expert help in the design of your kitchen, contact us today.