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4 Most Common Building Code Violations

A crane drops the letter O into the word code. This picture builds the word code.Following the rules can be expensive and sometimes difficult, but in the end, it benefits everyone. Keeping your building up to code is the same - not easy but necessary. Most homeowners have heard of “keeping your house up to code,” but they don’t know what that means. 

We see code violations all the time, so we are here to help. Let’s go through the most common code violations and what you can do about them.

1. Electrical Problems

Electrical safety should be your priority. When the electrical systems are out of whack, you and your family’s safety is at risk. Start by clearing anything in front of the service panel (your fuse box). Make sure each fuse has a label.

Some other electrical safety tips relating to code violations include:

  • Get a splice box when you attach an old wire to a new fixture
  • Wires are not clotheslines
  • Keep recessed lights clear, so they don’t become fire hazards
  • Place smoke detectors near bedrooms and the kitchen
  • If you have young children, use outlet protectors

2. Smoke Alarm Issues

You can’t solve a problem you don’t know is there. Every home needs a functional smoke alarm. Make sure to have one smoke detector inside all bedrooms and another in the bedroom hallway. Smoke detectors have been shown to be beneficial at reducing the intensity and dangers of fires in the home. 

3. Proper Bathroom Ventilation

A bathroom fan is a way to safely clear out a bathroom of steam from hot showers. The older model of bathroom fans sent the steam into the attic. The right way to vent out the bathroom sends the air directly outside. Humid air in your attic can lead to mold developing. Make sure your bathroom fan has a venting pipe with a diameter of 4” so that it can efficiently clear the air.

4. Handrails on Every Staircase

Stairways are one of the most dangerous areas in your home. Every staircase inside and outside your home needs a handrail to be kept up to code. Make sure your handrail runs in a slope along the same incline/decline as your stairs. 

Experienced Builders Keep Your Family Safe

If you take care of the above areas in your home, your family will have fewer risks. Being proactive about fixing code violations could save you money and additional risks in the future. For the tasks that go beyond your experience, having a professional builder on your side is necessary. The crew at Balbes Custom Building has seen all the issues a home can have and repaired or renovated them so our clients can live more comfortable, safe lives in their happy homes.