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Top 4 Summer Construction Projects to Increase Your Home's Value

We are all on the lookout for ways to add value to our lives, and why not start by adding value to your home? There are several renovation and construction projects you can do this summer to add value to your home and your life while you get to enjoy the new spaces. Read on to learn our top suggestions for which projects to pursue. 

Update Your Kitchen While the Outside is Open

While the sun shines, the grill is open for use. Many people hesitate to have their kitchen out of commission during a renovation because they won’t be able to cook at home and eating out all the time is expensive. With backup cooking options available, now is the perfect time to get your kitchen renovated. Renovating your kitchen is one of the prime areas for adding value back into your home. Upgrade your elements to energy efficient, technology-enhanced units for the best experience and the best return.

Add a Sunroom

Sunrooms offer a great chance to remain indoors while enjoying all the sunshine you can handle. Sunrooms have an emphasis on windows to let in the light on the bright days or allow you to stay dry during the summer showers while you curl up with a book. Most three-season sunrooms are not insulated, which will cut down on some of the labor, materials, and cost, but you probably won’t spend too much time in the addition during the winter. Opt for a four-season sunroom to add heating and cooling and enjoy your space year-round.

Build Upstairs with a Second Story Addition

Has your family grown or do you need more space? Consider adding a second story to your ranch-style house. You have options to build on one large area or several separated rooms in a second story addition. Adding square footage and additional rooms will help the resale value of your home whenever you are ready to sell. 

Expand Your Main Floor 

There are so many more options beyond the traditional renovations. Consider adding on or filling out a current room to create your very own home office, man cave, game room, family room, and more. Whether you want a space just for yourself, a room to relax with the family, or an area to welcome guests, your renovation team will be able to bring it to life. Just tell your designer your goal, and they can make it happen. 

The experienced team at Balbes Custom Building has been helping families plan their dream homes by designing and construction or renovating a room that they always wanted. Give us a call at (248) 884-0590 to talk through your next project.